Actes de la conférence LVI04 Law via the Internet Conference, Paris nov. 2004

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The 31 August 2004 in Conference Announcements
For the first time in Europe, the 6th Law via the Internet Conference. The international globalization of law and the economy constantly presents new challenges to legal actors. Should information technologies attempt to meet these challenges, mastering continually evolving media becomes problematic. Legal professionals who must remain up-to-date about standards and rules in order to understand the ensuing responsibilities , have to develop a comprehensive preparatory approach to (...)

Law via the Internet. 6th conference. Paris, 3 - 5 november 2004 Conference Announcement

The 30 August 2004 in Conference Announcements
The Conference will be hosted by the ADBS (Association of Specialized Researchers and Librarians), the ADIJ (Association for the Development of Legal Information), and Juriconnexion (Association of Legal Information Users), with the support of the Henri Capitant Friends of the French Legal Culture Association. Print / Save pdf version of the Brochure Background Informations : In 1997, 1999 and 2001 the first three International “Law via the Internet” Conferences were held in (...)
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