Actes de la conférence LVI04 Law via the Internet Conference, Paris nov. 2004

Law via the Internet. 6th conference. Paris, 3 - 5 november 2004 Scientific Committee Members

The 31 August 2004


President: Pascal Petitcollot, Headmaster of the Documentation Department of the General Secretary’s Office of the French Government. Editor of Legifrance

Vice president: Michèle Lemu, Manager of the Task Group on Information Law, ADBS and Headmaster of the “Compagnie de Saint Gobain” Legal Documentation


- Jean Gasnault, “Juriconnexion” Association President; Manager of the Gide Loyrette Nouel Law Firm Documentation Department

- Pierre-Paul Lemyre, Research Associate/Editor at LexUM, Public Law Research Center, University of Montreal

Stéphane Cottin, Manager of the Computer Department, Office of the Clerk of the "Conseil Constitutionnel"

Jean Marc Elsholz, Shearman & Sterling LLP, Chief Officer of Knowledge Management in Europe

Maître Christiane Féral-Shuhl, Barrister at Law, former Member of the “Conseil de l’ordre des Avocats de Paris”, President of the ADIJ

Graham Greenleaf, Professor and Co-Director of the Australasian Legal Information Institute, University of New South Wales

Laurence Longet, Vice president of “Juriconnexion”; Manager of the Center of Legal Documentation at the MGEN

Anny Maximin, Manager, Headmaster of the Department of Desk Research, Cujas Library

Daniel Poulin, Director of LexUM; CanLII Project Manager, Public Law Research Center, University of Montreal

Xavier Strubel, Teacher at the Department of Sciences of Management, National Institute of telecommunication; Manager of the Heuristique Research Team, Law and Use of Information and Communication Technologies; Member of the RTP 36 at the CNRS (National Center of Scientific Research) Law and Information Systems

Emmanuel Tois, “Conseiller réferendaire” at the “Cour de cassation”; Assistant of the Manager of the Department of Documentation and Studies; Webmaster of the “Cour de cassation” and “Bicentennial of the Civil Code” websites

Caroline Wiegandt, President of ADBS; Vice president and President of the Services and Networks of the “Bibliothèque Nationale de France”

Florence Wilhelm Rentler, Former President of ADBS; Manager of the Bureau of Documentary Policy and Systems of the Documentary Information - Ministry of “Emploi, du Travail et de la Cohésion sociale”, Ministry of “Santé et de la Protection sociale”, Ministry of “Famille et de l’enfance”, Ministry of “Parité et de l’Egalité professionnelle”


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