Actes de la conférence LVI04 Law via the Internet Conference, Paris nov. 2004

6th Conference on Computerisation of Law via the Internet

Systems and techniques which protect the accessibility to law and its clarity; computer-aided codification and reinforcement; comparative experiences of broadcasting civil and common law on the Internet; the electronic influence of international and European cases; access to precedents and protection of personal data; the state of the market of legal data and accessibility to free contents of doctrine… all these themes will be introduced, discussed, and closely examined by renowned specialists on electronic legal data: governmental institutions, juridical information institutes, university research centres and publishers.

With simultaneous translation, English to French – French to English.

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The 13 September 2004 in 6th Conference on Computerisation of Law via the Internet
PERSONNAL DATA PROTECTION This site complies with the Data Processing, Files and Liberties Act n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978. (Declaration CNIL n° 1031472). The information gathered during the 6th Conference on Law via the Internet will be made available in one comprehensive file. The January 6, 1978 Law gives all physical people the right to access and rectify any information pertaining to them : INTERNET PROVIDER Loi n°2004-275 pour la Confiance dans l’Économie Numérique (...)
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