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Mailing List Conference Announcement

Tuesday 31 August 2004

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For the first time in Europe, the 6th Law via the Internet Conference.

The international globalization of law and the economy constantly presents new challenges to legal actors. Should information technologies attempt to meet these challenges, mastering continually evolving media becomes problematic. Legal professionals who must remain up-to-date about standards and rules in order to understand the ensuing responsibilities , have to develop a comprehensive preparatory approach to optimize their access to useful and effective information.

Now in its sixth year, the Law via the Internet Conference has became an indispensable event for the revitalization of the state of access to law on the Internet, in both national and international contexts. The Conference is an opportunity for actors from the legal information world to meet, learn and debate practical solutions and global ideas. The event brings together representatives from the civil administrative sector, teachers, researchers, judges and other legal
practitioners (i.e. lawyers, notaries and business jurists).

*The 2004 Conference will be held in Paris from November 3-5* This event will take place on the Ile de la Cité at the birthplace of this great city (close to the Palais de Justice, Notre Dame, and La Sainte Chapelle).

**The Conference will be hosted by the three major legal information practitioner associations in France: the ADBS (Association of Specialized Researchers and Librarians), the ADIJ (Association for the Development of Legal Information), and Juriconnexion (Association of Legal Information Users).

With the support of the Henri Capitant Friends of the French Legal Culture Association, the Conference will also be held during the bicentenary celebrations of the Civil Code and its perpetual influence over the motivation behind an exhaustive, consolidated and universal access to law.

Finally, much effort has been made to ensure the international dimension of the event, which will be especially wide-ranging. Invited speakers, foreign institutions and organizations, including members of different Legal Information Institutes (LII: teams dedicated to the consideration and development of the law online, present and active in many countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.), the American Association of Law Librarians (AALL), the Law Library Association of Greater New York (LLAGNY), European community institutions (OPOCE, European Union Council), along with representatives from Romano-Germanic countries, French-speaking countries and developing countries will all be participating in this year’s Conference.

Please note that during the main session, there will be a simultaneous translation, from French to English and English to French.

For more information about this event please send an email to organisation@frlii.org.

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