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Thursday, November 4th

Day One: The Creation, Evolution and Dissemination of Law on line

Plenary Session

Thursday 4 November 2004

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Thursday, November 4th

Plenary Session

ordre des avocats

Paris Bar House Auditorium - 2/4 rue de Harlay - PARIS 1er

9 a.m.: Welcome Speech by Sir le Bâtonnier de Bigault du Granrut, former Bâtonnier of the Order of Lawyers of the Paris Bar, founder and honorary president of ADIJ

Conference Opening Speech by Mr. Jean-Marc Sauve, General Secretary of the Government of France

The president of the Scientific Committee in Sydney, Mr. Graham Greenleaf, will then transfer the Conference over to the president of the Scientific Committee in Paris, Mr. Pascal Petitcollot

Day One: The Creation, Evolution and Dissemination of Law on line

Chair: Mr. Guy Braibant, honorary President of a Section of the State Counsel, Vice-president of the High Commission on Codification

9:30 a.m. :
Session 1 : The Creation and Evolution of Law : Towards Assisted Systematic Edition, Automated Codification and Consolidation

Moderator: Mr. Pascal Petitcollot, ADIJ Vice-President, Headmaster of the Documentation Department of the General Secretary’s Office of the French Government, Head Editor of Legifrance

Speakers :

- Mr. Philippe Belin, Mission Head, Attaché to the Director of the General Secretariat of the Government of France, France:
The Dematerialization of the Development of Procedures for Texts to be Published at the “Journal Officiel de la République Française”

- Ms. Véronique Tauziac and Mr. Jérôme Richard, Ministry of the Interior Legislative Mission, DGCL, France:
Codification and Consolidation Design Techniques for Computer-Assisted Standardization : The Experience of the General Direction of Local Collectivities

- Mr. Tim Arnold-Moore, RMIT, Australia :
Point in time Publication for Legislation (XML and Legislation)

- Mr. Hervé Moysan , Jurisclasseur Publications, Lexis/Nexis, France :
The Consolidation of Codes, Laws and Decrees: Editorial Doctrinal Positions or State Responsibility? (The Aim of the Constitutional Value of Intelligibility and Accessibility to Law)

- Mr. Guillaume Blain, Computer Analyst, LexUM, Public Law Research Centre, University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada:
Implementation of a legislative publication system in the CanLII project: solutions, learnings and future perspectives

11:30 a.m. : Break

11:45 a.m.
Session 2: The Dissemination of Law: The Distribution and Convergence of Network Standards

Moderator: Professor Daniel Poulin, Law Professor and Director of LexUM, Public Law Research Centre, University of Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Speakers :

- Mr. Fernando Paulino Pereira, Information Technology President of the European Union Council:
The European Legal Information Network in Europe (LINE) Project

- Mr. Aki Hietanen , Senior Adviser, Head of Information Services, Finlex Project Director, Department of Justice, Finland:
Networking European Legal Sites : Experiences and Challenges

- Mrs Pascale Berteloot, Chef de l’unité « Accès au droit », Responsable d’Eur-Lex/Celex, Office des Publications officielles de l’Union Européenne :
Eur-Lex/Celex : un nouvel accès au droit communautaire

- Dr. Uta Kohl, Lecturer in Law, Department of Law, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Wales:
Multi-State Liability of Online Actors: how Accessible Must or Should National Law be to Foreign Online Content Providers?

1:00 p.m. Buffet Lunch

2:30 p.m. : Session 2: Continuation and Conclusion

- Mr. Rubens Medina, Law Librarian, Library of Congress - USA:
The Global Legal International Network (GLIN) Project

- Mr. Jean-François Bourque, Main Legal Counsel, Internation Commerce Centre (CCI), OMC-CNUCED:
State Internet Management of Multilateral International Commerce Treaties

- Mr. Stefana Rakotomanga Andrianarivonasolo, Director of the National LEGIS Centre (Office of the Prime Minister), Madagascar
Madagascar: A New Strategy in Legislative Dissemination

- Mr. Philip Chung and Mr. Andrew Mowbray, AUSTLII, Australia :
Circulation and Convergence of International Juridical Norms: WorldLII’s International Courts and Tribunals Project

- Mr. Kevin Pun, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, China:
Adding Hyperlinks to the English and Chinese documents in HKLII: Problems and Solutions

4:15 p.m. : Break

4:30 p.m. :
First Round Table: The Juridical Internet: New Means, New Inequalities

The Free Access to Law via the Internet - A New Guarantee for Democracy within a New Sphere in the Struggle for Influence

Chair: Professor Denis Mazeaud, Law Professor, Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), Committee Member of the Bicentenary Celebration of the Civil Code, Vice-President of the Henri Capitant Association, France

Moderator : Mr. Jean-Marc Elsholz, Knowledge Management Coordinator, European Offices, Shearman & Sterling LLP, France


- Professor Graham Greenleaf, Law Professor, Co-Director of AustLII, University of New South Wales Faculty of Law, Australia

- Mr. Ivan Mokanov, Head Editor of CanLII, LexUM, CRDP, University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

- Mrs. Liliane Rueff, Head of Documentation Services, City of Besançon, France

- Professor Bénédicte Fauvarque Cosson, Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), Henri Capitant Association, France

- Mrs Ginevra Peruginelli, Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques (ITTIG - CNR) Florence, Italy

6:30 p.m. : End of Day One

8:00 p.m. : Dinner at “Sénat” separate registration - 80 euros, Palais du Luxembourg (entrée : 15, ter rue de Vaugirard Paris 6ème -formal attire), with the presence of Senator Robert Del Picchia

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