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2- Thursday, November 4th : The Creation, Evolution and Dissemination of Law on line

Thursday, November 4th

Plenary Session

ordre des avocats

Paris Bar House Auditorium - 2/4 rue de Harlay - PARIS 1er

9 a.m.: Welcome Speech by Sir le Bâtonnier de Bigault du Granrut, former Bâtonnier of the Order of Lawyers of the Paris Bar, founder and honorary president of ADIJ

Conference Opening Speech by Mr. Jean-Marc Sauve, General Secretary of the Government of France

The president of the Scientific Committee in Sydney, Mr. Graham Greenleaf, will then transfer the Conference over to the president of the Scientific Committee in Paris, Mr. Pascal Petitcollot

Day One: The Creation, Evolution and Dissemination of Law on line

Chair: Mr. Guy Braibant, honorary President of Section of the State Counsel, Vice-president of the High Commission on Codification

9:30 a.m. :
Session 1 : The Creation and Evolution of Law : Towards Assisted Systematic Edition, Automated Codification and Consolidation

Moderator: Mr. Pascal Petitcollot, ADIJ Vice-President, Headmaster of the Documentation Department of the General Secretary’s Office of the French Government, Head Editor of Legifrance

Session 2: The Dissemination of Law: The Distribution and Convergence of Network Standards

Moderator: Professor Daniel Poulin, Law Professor and Director of LexUM, Public Law Research Centre, University of Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

First Round Table: The Juridical Internet: New Means, New Inequalities

The Free Access to Law via the Internet - A New Guarantee for Democracy within a New Sphere in the Struggle for Influence

Chair: Professor Denis Mazeaud, Law Professor, Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), Committee Member of the Bicentenary Celebration of the Civil Code, Vice-President of the Henri Capitant Association, France

Moderator : Mr. Jean-Marc Elsholz, Knowledge Management Coordinator, European Offices, Shearman & Sterling LLP, France